Thursday, 10 June 2010


acid fried funky rock 'n' roll....

1. hardcore jollies
2. friday night august 14th
3. trash a go-go
4. i got a thing, you got a thing, everybody's got a thing
5. hit it and quit it
6. i wanna know if it's good to you
7. standing on the verge of getting it on
8. red hot mama
9. no head no backstage pass
10. loose booty
11. free your mind and your ass will follow
12. the goose that laid the golden egg
13. march to the witches castle
14. cosmic slop
15. super stupid
16. who says a funk band can't play rock?!
17. i bet you
18. comin' round the mountain
19. funky dollar bill
20. get off your ass and jam
21. maggot brain

uncle jam wants you....

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